Jon Gruden Oakland Raiders Head Coach To Be Is Republican Picked Romney Over President Obama In 2012

Jon Gruden Oakland Raiders Head Coach To Be Is Republican Picked Romney Over President Obama In 2012

Jon Gruden, the Oakland Raiders Head Coach Candidate who’s caused a stir in Raider Nation over his much desired and anticipated return to the Silver and Black since he left in the year 2002, returns a different and more politically active man.

According to political records that anyone can see without paying a fee, Jon David Gruden is registered member of the Republican party by voting record. describes Jon David Gruden as 54 years old and “affiliated with the Republican Party. He is a white, non hispanic male registered to vote in Hillsborough County, Florida.” Moreover, it has him as registered to vote as Republican since 1989.

And the website of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) has “Jon David Gruden” listed in black and white and with the words “ESPN Sports Analyst” who lives in Tampa, Florida, and having donated to the campaign of Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan for President, twice, in 2012, and for a total of $600.

That means Jon Gruden backed Mitt Romney for President over the incumbent, the popular Democrat, President Barack Obama in 2012. The same year, he gave $2,500 to the campaign of George Allen, Jr, for U.S. Senate (which I can understand for one reason: Bruce Allen was Gruden’s boss with the Oakland Raiders as Senior Assistant. Mr. Allen is also a friend of mine, even though I’m a registered Democrat. In that instance, I would have helped Bruce Allen’s brother if Bruce asked me to. But I would have not done so for President Trump or Mitt Romney, as I’m a stanched supporter of and volunteer for President Obama.)

Those are the only politically-related listings I have found for Jon Gruden, but I thought it was importanrt to see in light of the whole Rooney Rule discussion, and Coach Gruden’s naming two white offensive and defensive coordinators with less than stellar 2017 campaigns as his desired coordinators for the Raiders engagement, even before he was hired.

The Rooney Rule, which says that an NFL team is to at least interview one minority head coaching candidate before a coaching hiring decision is made, was established in 2003. Gruden was not impacted by it at the time as he was already coach of the Tampa Bay Bucaneers and won Super Bowl XXXVII. What does he think of the Rooney Rule? From my perspective, he may have already answered that question with his comments on coordinators for the Raiders.

And before you say that Gruden had as his Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator, Willie Shaw, who’s African American, I have to tell you the Raiders fired Shaw in 2000, and the two are not on good terms according to online accounts. Shaw improved the Raiders Defense from 20th to 10th, but it seemed Gruden may have chafed at Shaw’s desire to be a head coach himself. That’s something he would have to address – if he wanted to. I’m wondering if Gruden’s a Trump supporter, given that he backed Romney against Obama in 2012?

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